Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Today we will...

  • Complete Writing Reflection #2 of ELA Portfolio (Due Friday 12/15 by 5:00 to Jupiter Grade
  • Create a slide reporting on fact- and bias-checking sites & present as a group

Monday, December 10, 2018


This week we are going to develop our media literacy and examine bias in media sources, as well as ourselves.

Complete Handout
Watch “MediOcracy”
Add to ELA Writing Portfolio

CV City Council Extra Credit

Friday, December 7, 2018


     Today in class you may work on:
* House on Mango Street Make-Up Test
* Turn in ALL Books
* English Writing Portfolio
* HOM Street Social Issues/Theme Essay if you want to re-submit yesterday's HW.
* Global Scholar's Portfolio
* Read NYT "Of Interest"

     Yesterday, we had a culminating dicussion of The House on Mango Street. In  preparation for the discussion, you had Wednesday in class and Wednesday for Homework to complete an analysis of Social Issues or Themes in the book.
     Many of you did not come to class with the assignment complete. As a result, our class discussions using the "Save the Last Word for Me" protocol, were not as rich as they would have been if all students came in ready. While I accept late work for major assignments, I do not accept late homework (which I rarely give).
     If you want to re-submit the House on Mango Street Social Issues/Theme Analysis, you will need to write a 5 paragraph essay and submit it to Jupiter Grades by 10:00pm TONIGHT.  It must be in Times, 12 point font, MLA format, Free from spelling & grammar errors.
     In the future, you need to come to class prepared. The work I give outside of class should take 20-30 minutes.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Today you will take The House on Mango Street test. It is on Jupiter Grades. You may use your book or notes.

When you finish, begin working on your The House on Mango Street theme/social issues analysis in preparation for tomorrow's class discussion. See detailed directions and example here. 

Homework:  Select a social issue or theme that The House on Mango Street addresses.
Identify evidence of that theme or social issue in 3 vignettes.
Select a pertinent quote from each vignette and explain how that quote relates to the issue or theme.
Write a concluding statement that connects each of the ideas.
Bring this and the book to the next class and be prepared for a class discussion.
It may be typed or handwritten.

Monday, November 26, 2018


Today you will be assigned a text to read and answer questions.
Then, working with a partner, you will write a collaborative response analyzing the two texts.
Here is a link to the two readings, "4 Skinny Trees" & "Rose That Grew From Concrete"

Partner Task, Directions: Using a shared Google Doc, write a response together. Submit to Jupiter Grades. Write a (250-400 word) collaborative response that compares Sandra Cisneros’ vignette “Four Skinny Trees”  with Tupac Shakur’s poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.” What is similar or different with how the authors use language? In the context of the poem and vignette, what do the author’s suggest about how an individual might rise above hardship? How are the “four skinny trees” and “rose in concrete” similar? How are they different?

* Write 1 draft reflection for either your Global Scholars Portfolio or your English Writing Portfolio. Be ready to share draft tomorrow in class.
* Be prepared for a quiz this week on House on Mango Street.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Please join Global Scholars this Saturday, November 17th  at Wild Willow Farm for the Soil Shindig! You're invited to an afternoon of learning, discovering, creating, connecting, and experiencing the key role soils play in our daily lives through a collaboration between Wild Willow Farm & Education Center and the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County.
Saturday, November 17th 1:00-6:00. 2550 Sunset Ave., San Diego

Ms. Vattuone will be there at 2:30 For the 2:45-3:45 session.

It is a FREE event and open to families. There will be a DJ & Bonfire from 5:00-6:00. There will be food trucks; so, you may want to bring money. Read the link below for a more detailed schedule of the day:
To earn extra credit, you must attend for at least an hour, attend either a farm tour or a workshop, AND complete this form  (make a copy)  and submit to Jupiter Grades by Monday, 11/19.

I hope you decide to attend and celebrate one of the world's most amazing precious natural resources, SOIL! 


Today we will... Complete Writing Reflection #2 of ELA Portfolio (Due Friday 12/15 by 5:00 to Jupiter Grade Create a slide reporting...