Friday, October 12, 2018

Fri 10/12/18

1) Create your "Author Biography" for your Writing Portfolio
2) Select a Book for Reading Groups

Friday, September 21, 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Yesterday you created your "Get Stuff Done List" with a list of all the things you needed to accomplish on the right side. Then, you prioritized your tasks by deciding what was most urgent & critical and added them to the list on the right side of what you need to do today. I hope you found this method useful and were able to complete most of what you needed to.

TODAY, if you did your homework and finished your narrative assignment, you were ready to complete a peer review. You should have reecieved some helpful suggestions for revision. Those of you who did not complete your homewoek got time in class to write but you did not participate in a peer review - you must do so on your own.

1) Revise & edit your narrative. Submit the final draft to Jupiter on Friday.
   a. Have 1-2 people (parent, friend, sibling) read and comment on your story.
   b. Read it out loud to yourself.
   c. Read the rubric and make sure all criteria are met.
   d. Review & implement any relevent sugguestuons from your peer review.

2) Study cornell notes in preparation for English Language Quiz PART 2 (regional dialects, slang, colloquialisms, etc.)

3) Get parent book letter signed & turned in by Friday

Monday, September 17, 2018


Link to today's presentation
Secrets Spawned Of Machismo, Matchmaking And MySpace

Writing Task: Using Matt de la Pena’s story as a model, write a 400-500 word short story about a character who divulges a slightly embarrassing secret that reveals a key element of their identity. It can be fiction (pretend) or non-fiction (autobiographical) or a combination of both.
* Use 1st person point of view (use “I”)
* Include a “golden thread”
* Develop a strong voice through dialogue, natural language, details
* Use a 1 sentence paragraph strategically
* Provide a Title
Be ready to share with a writing group on Wednesday.

Monday 10/15

Link to today's presentation Sticks Thought Log #1 - Due Thursday 10/18 Author Biography for Writing Portfolio